Playing Quasar Elite

  • Before their first Quasar game players are given a short briefing talk, explaining how the game is played and the simple safety rules. Each game is monitored by a Games Marshall whose role is to assist with problems and ensure the safety rules are followed.

What are the safety rules?

  • No running, No physical contact, No sitting, lying or kneeling down, No climbing on the scenery, No bullying or aggressive behaviour, The “phasor” neck-strap must be worn at all times, No eating or drinking during games, Games Marshall’s instructions must be followed at all times, Players failing to observe rules may be warned and/or removed from the game.


  • Our staff will supervise children during the playing of their Quasar games. At all other times party organisers are responsible for the supervision of the children in their party.

Meal deals

  • The children’s mini-meal deal, consists of a choice from the children’s party menu. Meal choices are limited but include burgers, chicken nuggets, Pizza Bites and hot dogs. Each meal is served with a portion of chips, a regular soft drink and a small iced lolly to follow.
  • The QEB teenage meal deal consists of a larger sized meal and a drink. Meal choices are limited but include jumbo hot dogs, quarter-pound burgers, Pizza Bites and chicken nuggets. These meals are also served with chips and a soft drink.

General information.

  • Age Limit. The recommended minimum age for players is 7, based on physical size. Occasionally children may be frightened by the darkened arena, noise etc.
  • Food & Drink. Only food and drink purchased from Quasar Elite Birmingham may be consumed on the premises. We are unable to guarantee our snack bar products are suitable for children with allergies. If you are bringing a child with special dietary requirements we are happy for you to supply an alternative meal. Whenever possible, please advise our staff in advance of this.
  • Cakes and party bags. Our parties do not include birthday cakes or party bags. However, you are welcome to provide your own.
  • Wheel Shoes. Footwear with wheels or rollers of any kind is not allowed in the playing arena.
  • Medical considerations. Quasar is a moderate physical activity (even though running is not permitted). Persons with any medical condition which makes them unsuited to physical activity should not participate. The game is unsuitable for persons with restricted mobility or poor eyesight. Asthmatics should ensure they have their inhalers/medication with them as the artificial fog, dust or temperature may affect them. Wheelchairs and other mobility aids are not permitted in the arena as they are a significant hazard to their users and to other players.

Terms and conditions

  • All players must be in the Quasar reception area by the arrival time stated on the booking form. There is no refund for participants missing games through late arrival.
  • We endeavour to keep to the timings on your booking form but may not be held responsible if games are running behind schedule.
  • Individuals not complying with the safety rules or a Games Marshall’s instructions may be removed from the game without recompense.
  • You may be required to share the playing arena with other members of the public unless you have taken the “Exclusive Arena Booking” option.
  • The information given in this Party Information Sheet forms part of the terms and conditions of your booking.
  • The prices given in this leaflet are correct as at November 2011. Please note that prices and opening times may be altered without notice.

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